So what's different? On the invoice line where I normally show my photographer's fee, it'll say "Black Excellence". That's it. This will make the majority of shoots free, but it can also cut an expensive 4-figure shoot down to a cost in the mere hundreds. Just talk to me, and we'll figure out what you need.

Now, on to my payment. *rubs hands like Birdman*

Black Excellence can be anything. Play me a violin piece, sing me a solo, sit me in your chair and fade me up. Painters? Martial artists? Chefs? Seriously, if you cannot afford to pay a professional photographer for your business, your head shots, your family portrait, or the flyer for your new play, email me. Even if all you can offer me is good food, feed me!  If you gotta put your foot up in something so you can get these boudoir pics poppin', for your husband's birthday, I'm here for it. So long as that plate is right! No #struggleplates. This is going on the internet, please don't embarrass me. I will not spend hours of my time editing your pictures if you can't do a handstand, but you told me you're the next Simone Biles. #ExcellenceOnly.

Aside from that, the only other thing I ask is that you allow me to share some of our moments together on The Payblack Movement's social media. You can find me in all the usual places, as @thepayblack, including Snapchat. Send me a friend request, and show me what you can do using #thepayblack.

And I mean--gas money would be nice too--' know.