Where do you operate?

Metro Atlanta. I'll go further out for special cases, of course. But my home base is Atlanta.

Do you charge for travel?

For most places, no. But if I'm going more than 20 miles outside of Jonesboro, where I currently live, I tack on a travel fee. I mean, the economy is back, but it ain't back back. Don't worry, I drive a small car with a small gas tank. $20 will fill me up at these current pump prices.

So how will you survive if you're giving your photography away for free?

Well, as I said elsewhere on the site: this is a part-time project. Unfortunately, I couldn't realistically give my photography away and survive. For now, I am committing myself to one shoot a week. Some would say even that's too much. We'll see.

How long is a typical photo shoot?

That depends on what we're doing. What's the concept, how many people, what location(s)? For the average headshot/portrait shoot I allocate two hours. It probably won't actually take two, but I take delays and outfit changes into account. And I don't want my client to feel rushed  when having to perform for my lens. Believe me, it's hard knowing you need to get comfortable and be cute, but you only have 30 minutes to do it. For multi-location shoots, I allocate four hours. Obviously there's travel time to consider, and that's why.

Will you do my wedding?

Nah, breh. Not for The Payblack Movement. Weddings are an 8+ hour affair, and produce thousands of photos. They also require an assistant. Outside of the fact that I'm not going to ask another photographer to donate their time to my project for no compensation, I could not promise that I can process the huge amount of photos a wedding produces and get them to the couple in a timely fashion.

I got you on the engagement shoot though. For other types of event photography, we can talk about what's doable and what may be beyond my means for this project.

How will you know if I can't afford to pay you for photography or not?

I mean, it's not like I'm gonna ask for your last W-2 and three most recent paycheck stubs. But if I come do a family shoot at an address off West Paces Ferry and you got the brand new S-Class...

Can I pay you anyway?

Why, I am so glad you asked that, imaginary potential client! No, in all seriousness, i understand that some people may want to hire me outright. I shuttered my personal photography business to focus on Benzin Garage. But we can certainly talk about it. Get in contact with me, and tell me what you need.

I do accept hook ups though. Don't all black folks? Seriously, we live by them. When I worked at Apple, nobody paid full price for an iPad around me. So if you want offer your legal services, your Foot Locker discount (my Adidas Sambas are looking dingy), or you'll look the other way at my double meat and guacamole burrito bowl at the Chipotlé register, lemme know. I'm not joking.

As a matter of fact, I'm gonna keep a running list of things I need on the site.