Man... I hate writing these things with a passion. Let's hit the basics: I'm a child of immigrants from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. My social security number is--okay, okay, I'll be serious.

Growing up, I had a real passion for cars--specifically racing. The passion festered and grew on into my adulthood until it eventually, it lead me into quitting my cushy job at Apple to pursue automotive photography full time. So now, I wake up before the crack of dawn to head to race tracks and walk miles and miles around them, rain or shine, just to spend the entire weekend immersed in the sounds and smells of race cars. In 2014, I joined my partner, Gavin, at Benzin Garage, a media company focused on all things automotive art. I'm so fixated on BG that I've stopped pushing my personal photography company, and have focused solely on building that business. Anywho, even though that has nothing to do with The Payblack Movement, look out for that coming very soon.

Though my main focus is automotive photography, I shoot lifestyle stuff on the side. I've shot weddings, engagement shoots, and personal projects over the past few years, and I really enjoy capturing people on camera. I already feel fortunate that The Payblack Movement will give me an opportunity to get a few more faces in my sights.